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How to wear? - silk underwear

Without a doubt, silk is one of the most beautiful and pleasant fabrics that exist in the world. For centuries, robes for kings, bishops and other wealthy people were made of it. Fortunately today, silk is available to all of us.

In this post we would like to focus on silk underwear . It is safe to say that this is one of the most important pieces of clothing, because it is closest to the body and it determines our everyday comfort. And the fact that we often forget we're wearing it makes it perfect for the role.

To sleep

Thinking about silk, many of us associate it with pajamas. This is completely understandable. Silk perfectly regulates the temperature, making it perfect for hot summer nights. In addition to the thermoregulation property, it is also hypoallergenic and does not attract dust, which makes it an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. Breathable fabric will make your body breathe during the night, and thanks to this you will wake up oxygenated and ready for the next challenges. Silk does not rub the skin, which is an ideal solution for people prone to abrasions. buying silk bra Whether silk panties not only will you feel good in your body, but above all you will take care of it.

To the city

Yes, underwear does not have to be suitable only for sleeping, and above all, you do not always have to hide it. A silk bra will be perfect for you as the basis of your capsule wardrobe. Its texture will harmonize well with other fabrics and will be perfect for many stylizations. Wear it under a jacket or under a more sheer blouse. Try to experiment and create something unconventional, and you will see how much you can combine with it.

For hot days

Wonderfully shimmering fabric in the sun will make you feel even more special in it. The whole set of underwear will be the perfect solution for warm days, especially in holiday places where you can feel comfortable. However, if you decide that underwear is too bold in the current situation, you can wear panties silk shorts or silk dress while still enjoying the comfort that silk gives you.

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