Jedwabny top - must have w Twojej szafie!

Silk top - must have in your wardrobe!

Silk, you can talk about it for hours, but it is definitely more pleasant to wear it. Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and complained that you had nothing to wear? With this blog we will try to say goodbye to this clothing nightmare, and we will do it with the help of a silk top.

Universal items are the most important in the wardrobe. The name "capsule wardrobe" has become very famous, but is it right? Largely yes. However, there are clothes that are so universal in themselves that they could be called the queen of the capsule wardrobe. Classic is definitely one of them silk top in black or ecru. It's something you can pair with almost anything.

Silk and denim?

Let's start with the combination with denim. The matt and raw structure of denim perfectly combines with the delicate gloss of silk satin. Of course, the easiest way will be to combine the top with denim pants (we love Levis 501), but a denim jacket will also look great. Add your favorite jewelery accessories and voilà! Recipe for a styling titled - I don't know if he wants to be more elegant or casual, but it has to be stylish - ready!

Classic! We like that too

Another great solution will be to combine a top with fabric pants. A more classic and slightly more formal styling. But is that a bad thing? Of course not! Sometimes we want to wear something beautiful for a date, a business meeting or the opera. In such situations, a silk top will come in handy. In what color? Easy! What do you like most about yourself. More subtle accessories and you'll look like a million bucks.

One of the solutions for the summer is also combining a top with a skirt or skirt. An ideal solution, taking into account the thermal comfort provided by skirts and the properties of silk, which is airy and allows the body to breathe. Writing this, I am sure that it will be one of your favorite stylizations for hot summer days and evenings.

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