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Christmas presenter

December begins, which means that Christmas is approaching and there is less and less time to prepare Christmas gifts for loved ones. To meet your needs, we have selected our silk products to combine them into gift sets for women .

Hair accessories for every occasion!

When choosing the right hair accessories, you need to pay special attention to the material and workmanship. The most important thing is that they are made of natural fabrics, because only they do not damage the hair and provide exceptional comfort. The best fabric for our hair and body is natural silk, which, thanks to its wonderful properties, does not break the hair and allows you to keep it in the best condition.

At Veneis, we offer you several sets at different prices to best suit your needs. Each of them has been prepared with the greatest care from selected natural silk in a small Polish boutique sewing room.

Gift Set #1

The most basic set made of two Pony silk elastics and Mary's silk elastics . This gift set will be a good choice for every woman. Give it to your girlfriend, fiancée or mother, and they and their hair will surely thank you. ;) When buying, you can choose the color of each of the three rubber bands: black, ecru or gold.

Gift Set #2

In this set, we added a silk Julia headband to the silk elastics. This is perfect for women who like to use more hair accessories than just scrunchies. For the production of the headband, we used a delicate elastic band, which makes it adapt to any shape of the head. When buying, you can choose one of three colors: black, ecru or gold.

Gift Set #3

A gift for a sleepyhead and a fan of relaxation? This set is just for her, and maybe also for him? ;) A silk blindfold is a great gift for a person who cares about a peaceful sleep, and the morning sun is a torment for her. In addition, it will make rest while traveling more pleasant. The blindfold made of silk is delicate and pleasant to the touch, and thanks to the wonderful properties of the silk fabric, it keeps the skin in good condition. Remember that silk has, among other things, antibacterial and antistatic properties. The silk band is available only in ecru, and you can choose the color of the elastic bands from three available, i.e. gold, ecru and black.

Gift Set #4

If you are looking for a truly unique hair accessory, this set will be perfect for you. In it you will find a silk hair scrunchie with a long scarf from Alice, a silk Pony scrunchie and a silk scrunchie from Mary. You can wear Alice's silk elastic in many ways, such as tying it in a bow or wearing long sashes loose with your hair. You can also untie the sash from the elastic and use it as a hairband or a narrow neck scarf. Choose your favorite color from: gold, black or ecru for each part of the set.

Gift Set #5

Don't know which set to choose? We understand you 100%, that's why we have all silk hair accessories in one for you. Pony silk band, Mary silk band, Alice silk band with long sash, Julia silk headband, Clara silk hair band and a cotton headband as a gift. The variety of accessories makes the preparation of an interesting hairstyle an everyday pleasure. Configure the colors of all accessories freely, depending on your preferences.

Gift Set #6

Sensual silk lingerie under the Christmas tree is the perfect gift for the other half. A set of silk lingerie in red will make your woman feel special in it. Soft silk fabric and a delicate elastic band will provide extraordinary comfort. This lingerie is made of natural silk, which is one of the most luxurious and desirable fabrics in the world!

More silk lingerie...

If your partner is a lingerie lover, then one of our Nancy bras with Lily briefs is definitely worth considering. Soft silk bras are something every woman should have in her wardrobe. Thanks to the lightness of the construction and the unique material, the whole day with the bra on will be more pleasant than usual.

Our silk panties are incredibly unique when it comes to wearing comfort. Their cut has been specially designed so that you can wear them in many ways, higher, lower, as you prefer ;) In addition, the soft elastic band does not oppress, but keeps the briefs in place. Silk, like no other material, prevents skin irritation and takes care of its thermoregulation.

More than luxury. Black silk bathrobe...

Slow winter evenings spent during grooming, or free reading a book in the corners of your home give her a lot of pleasure? If so, it is worth thinking about something that will raise her impressions to an even higher level, namely black Narcis silk robe . Made of 100% natural silk, it will wrap your chosen one with softness and delicacy. The high quality of the fabric and finishing of the bathrobe will give her a luxury she has never experienced before. This is definitely one of the best and most unique gifts you can give a woman.

Remember that all gift sets and underwear are packed in a beautiful cardboard packaging.


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